Why I started The Daily Strive


1. Make great efforts to achieve or obtain something.
2. Struggle or fight vigorously: "scholars must strive against bias".

I called this blog "The Daily Strive" because that's what fitness is to me:  it's the strive, the great effort, the struggle, the vigorous fight, to be a little better every day in every way.  So deadlift by deadlift, mile by mile, downward dog by downward dog, I'm striving daily for a better, truer version of myself.  

I started this blog because my main blog (Where There's a Will, There's a Way) was getting cluttered with posts labelled fitness.  When I started this fitness journey over two years ago, I had no idea I would enjoy it so much and get so focused on it.  I started simply as a way to be pro-active about the 40+ pounds I was carrying after my second pregnancy.  I started working out at home with a 20 minute Denise Austin tape that I hadn't done since college.  It was just tipping my toe in the water, trying to get moving again.  And that tape kicked my butt.  Now, I can do it and barely break a sweat.  That's progress.

But along with getting into shape, I also developed a new attitude about myself.  I became more disciplined and stronger not just physically.  Because exercise and fitness have given me so much--a handle on life and a way to deal, I'm very serious about fitness.  I enjoy exercise specifically lifting (heavy) weights and running but also step aerobics and really any kind of activity that challenges me and engages my mind but also my body.

Another aspect of fitness has been weight loss.  I finally achieved my weight loss goals doing Weight Watchers.  Currently, I'm still on Weight Watchers but I'm in maintenance mode.  I hope to eventually wean myself from the program but right now, I enjoy the structure and ease of it.

I'm so excited about this blog!